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Friendcom releases MuCoFAN network, 2019 Smart Metering Infrastructure Alliance Summit


From October 16 to 17, the 2019 China Smart Metering Infrastructure Alliance Summit was held in Beijing National Conference Center. The summit was supported and highly participated by China Electric Power Research Institute, China Academy of metrology, State Grid Corporation of China, and enterprises related to intelligent measurement industry.



At the opening ceremony, the State Administration of market supervision and State Grid Corporation of China unveiled the State Grid Energy Metering Center.



According to reports, the summit has a total of 6400 square meters of innovation achievements exhibition area, which focuses on the innovation achievements of several well-known intelligent measurement enterprises in the industry, covering the Progress of core technologies such as smart IOT, orderly charging, IOT edge agent, etc.



As a member of the technology innovation strategic alliance of China's intelligent measurement industry, Friendcom, with the theme of "Multi ModeDeep Coverage Field Area Network", made a wonderful appearance with MuCoFAN network.


During the two-day exhibition, a large number of visitors and industry friends at the Friendcom exhibition for exchange.



 On October 16, Friendcom exhibition stand grandly released the company's newly developed MuCoFAN network (Multi-mode & deep-Coverage Field Area Network)  displayed the company's innovative technology - MuCoFAN, as well as the relevant ubiquitous power Internet of things business, and showed Friendcom's analysis and Thinking on the development of ubiquitous power Internet of things. The effect was shocking and the content was wonderful. A large number of participants including leaders of well-known enterprises in the power industry, experts and scholars at home and abroad, and visitors to the exhibition were attracted to visit the exhibition booth.





According to the field engineer, MuCoFAN is a ubiquitous power sensor network with low-voltage distribution room as the center, low-voltage distribution lines as coverage, wireless and power line carrier as transmission media, integrating neighborhood network and ubiquitous microgrid, and compatible with power and non power IOT services. It is a new generation of IOT sensor network specially created by Friendcom for ubiquitous power Internet of things.




The Friendcom's technical personnel also explained the new technology, focusing on the specific application of orderly power consumption, power consumption information collection, multi meter centralized reading, intelligent fire protection, environmental monitoring, household energy management and other fields in the MuCoFAN network, fully demonstrated the effective support role of MuCoFAN for various types of power Internet of things business, which attracted the leaders, industry experts and customers attention.




On October 17, at the Forum on the application of intelligent measurement ubiquitous IOT, Mr. Shu Jiehong, chief expert of Friendcom, delivered a speech on "Multi ModeDeep Coverage Field Area Network" around the network of MuCoFAN. Firstly, it introduced the basic overview of the network, network architecture and other information, then elaborated the open protocol structure and security encryption mechanism of MuCoFAN. Finally, introduces the technical achievements of Friendcom in the development of ubiquitous power Internet of things.



 It is understood that through the adaptive fusion of wireless and power line carrier transmission media and a variety of transmission modes, MuCoFAN has constructed a field area network with MESH network structure characteristics. The network is a derivative network with deep regional coverage, which not only meets the communication needs of the basic business of the power Internet of things, but also supports four meters in one, smart home, intelligent fire protection and other electrical things Communication requirements of networking ubiquitous services.


Friendcom is willing to strengthen the research and development of core technologies, improve the construction of standard system, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and help the better development of ubiquitous power Internet of things.