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The perfect ending of GAS & HEATING CHINA 2019



On the afternoon of November 1, the three-day 2019 (22nd) China International Gas, Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition completed various agendas and came to a successful conclusion.



The scene of this exhibition is constantly exciting, with many technological innovation products appearing in a concentrated manner. The major exhibitors brought us a splendid gas industry product feast, which fully demonstrated that the technological innovation capability of the gas industry is accelerating development and injecting into the development of the industry New momentum.



In this exhibition, with the theme of "Smart Gas Total Solution Supplier", Friendcom Technology showcased the company's innovative smart meter products and wireless meter reading systems in the smart gas field, including ultrasonic gas meters and camera direct reading Meter reading device, WM-IoT gas meter reading solution, etc.



At the exhibition site, the Friendcom booth attracted many professionals in the gas industry and exhibitors at home and abroad to visit, exchange, and negotiate cooperation.



The company’s technicians introduced the company’s self-developed and patented ultrasonic gas meter and the camera direct reading meter reader with important advantages in the transformation of old meters, including their operating principles, performance characteristics and battery life. .



Compared with most ultrasonic gas meters on the market, our company's FC-722C ultrasonic gas meter, from circuit design to structural design, is independently developed by our company's R&D team. It has absolute advantages in core technology and cost control. .



According to on-site technicians, this type of gas meter uses ultrasonic transducers placed at both ends of the flow channel to send and receive ultrasonic signals, calculate the flight time of the upstream and downstream, and substitute it into the algorithm to obtain the instantaneous flow rate of the gas, and then calculate the passing flow per unit time The instantaneous flow of the road.



FC-722C Ultrasonic Gas Meter is small in size, high in stability, strong in anti-interference ability, and has the characteristics of small flow leakage and flow overload protection, and outstanding safety performance; at the same time, it can also personalize the communication method according to user needs Customization, support NB-IoT, LoRa, wireless M-Bus and other communication methods, easily realize remote meter reading, and facilitate centralized management.



The smart camera direct reading meter reader, which brings good news to the old meter transformation, is an intelligent device that uses a camera to collect and transmit images in the digital area of the water-gas heat meter counter. It is mainly composed of an OCR image recognition module and a wireless transmission module.


According to the on-site staff, the smart camera direct reading meter reader has great advantages for the current "old meter transformation" to achieve fully automated remote meter reading. There is no need to change the existing base meter. The site construction is simple and convenient. The product directly uses glue. Sticking to the surface of the base meter, the gas meter during its life can continue to be used, and it is easy to realize wireless remote intelligent meter reading, which minimizes the waste of materials and saves the cost of manual meter reading.


So far, Friendcom has successfully participated in the 2019 (22nd) China International Gas, Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition.


Friendcom will use this exhibition as an opportunity to continuously strengthen its technological innovation strength in the field of smart gas, continue to carry out in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign companies, enhance brand strength in multiple dimensions, promote technological progress in the gas industry, and help city gas to improve Good development.