Wireless M-Bus USB Adapter WMB14UE-868

Product overview

WMB14UE-868 USB-adapter has an external antenna that when combined with a suitable antenna, can reach a range of 800 m. It can function in master or slave mode and support S, T, C and R2 operating modes according to wireless M-Bus specification.

Easy configuration of operating parameters is provided via the free windows application user interface.

Functional features

  • Cost effective 868 wireless M-Bus USB adapter.
  • Wireless M-Bus interface for PCs and mobileterminal via USB with SMA connector for anexternal antenna.
  • Range up to 800 m.
  • Communication via virtual COM port.
  • Supporting wireless M-Bus S, T, C modes.
  • Data encryption AES128.
  • Embedded wireless M-Bus module compliantwith EN13757-4 and EN13757-5 standard.
  • OMS (Open Metering System) standard
  • support.
  • Conforms with EU&TTE requirements ( EN 300220, EN301 489, EN 60950 )
  • Technical ParameterView details

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