State Grid Type I Appropriate Acquisition Terminal FKWA43-FC691A

Product overview

FKWA43-FC691A is a new generation of intelligent special transformer acquisition terminal, which adopts the industry-leading 32-bit ARM processor and combines the enterprise's years of experience in power load management, distribution transformer monitoring, electric energy acquisition design, development and production. The terminal adopts modular design, supports multiple communication modes, has low maintenance cost, stable and reliable operation, friendly user interface, and is convenient for power enterprises to provide high-quality service for power users.

Functional features

  • Data acquisition function: pulse data acquisition, electric energy meter data acquisition,
  • state variable acquisition, ACsampling module data acquisition;
  • Data processing function: current and real-time data, historical daily data, historical monthly data;
  • Control function: power protection, elimination function, remote control function:
  • Technical parameterView details

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