Standardized Radio Frequency Detection System FC-832

Product overview

The standardized radio frequency detection system, abbreviated as: FC-832, is a system for testing and verifying the radio frequency performance of wireless communication developed based on the standards and technical specifications of the State Grid. The equipment has been tested by the Testing Center of the National Radio Commission Monitoring Center. Test object: micro-power wireless central node, micro-power wireless slave node, type II collector, etc.

Functional features

  • 1. Adopt modular development;
  • 2. Use the open source platform Eclipse and J2EE for software, there is no software copyright issue;
  • 3. Possess advanced technical architecture.
  • Technical ParametersView details

    Shielding box: automatic control,
    Working frequency:100MHz~3GHz;
    Shielding performance:≥70dBm。


    Comprehensive analyzer: Aeroflex company standard instrument IFR2945B

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