Low-Power Multi-Meter Integrated Reading Solution

Low-Power Multi-Meter Integrated Reading Solution

Programme overview

Utilize the widely deployed wireless Mesh network to collect electricity consumption information to realize the access of the next layer of wireless star network. With the architecture of Mesh network + star network, it can realize the connection of water meters, gas meters and heat meters in an environment without external power supply. Full coverage of communications to achieve green community wireless communications and improve energy efficiency.

Features of the scheme

  • ? Wireless self-organizing Mesh + wireless star network architecture, the meter module is not only a child node of the Mesh network, but also an access point of the star network

  • ? Quasi real time bidirectional communication based on low power meter

  • ? Support prepaid management

  • ? Low-power meter battery life up to 10 years

  • ? Support all meters with active report

  • ? Communication resource sharing

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