Intelligent Power Distribution Operation Solution

Intelligent Power Distribution Operation Solution

Programme overview

The distribution network automation system can quickly locate faults, reduce troubleshooting and maintenance time, and shorten the power outage time in non-faulty areas. The in-situ protection function in the system cooperates with the automation logic to achieve automatic isolation of faulty sections, and all terminal equipment It has remote monitoring and maintenance-free function, reduces the work intensity of operation and maintenance personnel. The fast fault location and detection system is used for 6 kV ~ 35 kV overhead line fault detection, location and line load monitoring. It can realize fast and accurate location of short circuit and ground fault, and can Perform timely and comprehensive comprehensive analysis and judgment of various values, catch early defects, and ensure the safe operation of distribution lines. The system equipment does not require equipment modification, and can be installed with electricity. It has quick results, easy implementation, light operation and maintenance, high coverage, and cooperates with GIS The system and management methods can realize rapid fault location, efficient fault repair, improve power supply reliability, reduce fault inspection time and processing time, and reduce economic losses caused by line faults. In addition, the system has a simple networking method, flexible configuration, and operation and maintenance The personnel can quickly grasp the operation process and timely grasp the line operating conditions

Features of the scheme

  • High power quality, high security: efficiently resist natural disasters and other damage and impact on the power grid

  • Strong self-healing ability: able to detect the faults that have occurred or are occurring in time and carry out corresponding corrective operations

  • High asset utilization rate: Use complete real-time monitoring to improve system capacity utilization rate and reduce primary equipment investment; optimize power flow distribution, reduce line losses, and improve grid operation efficiency

  • Better compatibility: support access to a large number of distributed power generation units, energy storage devices, renewable energy, and seamless connection with the distribution network; support micro-grid operation, effectively increasing the flexibility and flexibility of distribution network operation Reliability of power supply to load

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